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New Study Reaffirms Link Between Actos and Bladder Cancer

The diabetes drug Actos has been linked to instances of bladder cancer in several studies, and it appears that the evidence of this link is mounting even more. Health Day now reports that a new study, published in the July 3rd issue of the Canadian Medical Association Journal, reaffirms this link and indicates that Actos […]

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Actos and Avandia Linked to Vision Problems

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British researchers are reporting that popular thiazolidinediones like Actos and Avandia may contribute to problems with eyesight. These drugs both have sordid histories, with Avandia being linked to elevated risk of heart attack, and Actos being linked to bladder cancer. These latest findings only exacerbate the controversies surrounding these drugs. Actos and Avandia are used […]

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Protecting Your Health: What Actos Users Need to Know

Actos (pioglitazone) was first approved in 1999 for the treatment of Type 2 diabetes in adult patients. In recent years, the drug has been linked to an increased risk for certain complications, including the development of bladder cancer. If you have taken or are currently taking Actos, you need to know what you can do […]

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Doctors Group Advises Patients to Choose Alternatives to Actos

The American College of Physicians (ACP) has launched a new campaign advocating “high-value” care which recommends that patients who are newly diagnosed with diabetes seek out alternatives to Actos, Avandia and other name-brand diabetes medications.

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Lead Attorneys Named in Actos Bladder Cancer Litigation

The Actos bladder cancer litigation continues to move forward as the federal judge overseeing the consolidated lawsuits names the lead attorneys for the plaintiffs

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What to Ask Your Doctor Before Taking Actos

Patients who are considering taking the prescription drug Actos need to be aware of the potential risks before they begin a course of treatment.

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Could Your Diabetes Medication Be Making You Sick?

If you take Actos to treat your Type 2 diabetes, you may potentially be at risk for developing serious health complications.

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New Lawsuit Says Five-Year Actos Use Caused Bladder Cancer

An Illinois man has filed a lawsuit in state court alleging that he developed bladder cancer after taking the Type 2 diabetes drug Actos.

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Actos Users at Greater Risk for Bladder Cancer, Heart Failure

January 09, 2012  |   Posted by :   |   Actos Bladder Cancer,Actos Lawsuit,Actos Litigation,Actos Side Effects   |   3 Comments

In addition to an increased risk of bladder cancer, Actos users may also be at greater risk for developing congestive heart failure.

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